Some Nifty Tips on Using this Site


Viewing Images

The Galleries

When you enter either of the galleries you will notice MAIN Category areas of images – all in alphabetical order. Within these MAIN Category areas are SUB-Categories – also in alphabetical order. Once you have entered one of the SUB-Categories, you will be in the IMAGE page and find the actual images whose titles are in alphabetical order. Just click on each image to view a larger version. Note that you can use the 'Slide Show' link at the bottom of the IMAGE page to show the whole page as a slide show (note: selective slide show does not work with Search results). Both the black and white and colour versions (if available) of each image will be shown. During the slide show, select the 'Large Image' to show the larger size for a more satisfactory view.

Image Searching

At the bottom of the MAIN Category, SUB-Category and IMAGE pages you will notice a dropdown menu featuring all the MAIN Categories. To the right of this menu is a SEARCH Box where you can type in one or more words separated by a single space. Currently the search is set up for location and subject sourcing. If you are in the Colour Gallery, the search will retrieve colour images only. If you are in the black and white gallery, then black and white images will be retrieved. A SEARCH Box is also located at the top right hand side of the MAIN Category area.

New Images Option

This area shows the most recent 85 images that have been uploaded.

Selecting Images

One of the many useful features designed into this website is the ability to quickly select images that can then be directly emailed to your client from the website. Images are selected as follows: After having completed a SEARCH or navigation into the IMAGE page of a SUB-Category, you will find one or two white boxes beneath each image. When you click on each box a tick mark appears and the image has now been selected. When finished reviewing images from all other regions of interest in the Gallery, then click on the 'view' link which is located beneath each image. Alternatively, click on the 'Viewing Room' link located at the top and bottom of the MAIN Category, SUB-Category and IMAGE pages. You are then transported to the Viewing Room where you can review all the images that you have selected.

The Viewing Room

The viewing room space can be customized by referring to the options in the 'Change View Format' area at the bottom of the page. The background colour and image border adjustments will be maintained in other functions of the 'Viewing Room' such as during the 'E-Mail' and 'Slide Show' operations. Your images can be quickly emailed to your client, colleague or me by clicking the 'E-mail' option and filling in the required information. The images can also be shown as a slide show. It is important to note that your selections will still be available to you on future visits to my website (using the same computer) as long as you do not clean out the web browser memory cache. Once you have selected images, an active link (Viewing Room) will appear on the Home page beneath the gallery links. This feature will enable you to quickly navigate to the 'Viewing Room' and make slide show presentations to clients or colleagues.

The Framing Room

The website offers an interactive framing feature which can be accessed for a single image from the IMAGE page by following the link 'Interactive Framing' which is located below each image. For multiple images, The Framing Room can be accessed from the Viewing Room by following the 'View Frame & Matte Options' link located just above the 'Change View Format' heading.

Once in the 'Framing Room', you can start off by selecting a different wall colour, if desired. From there, consider the size of print desired from 11"x14.75" to nearly 5 feet by 7 feet. The print size will determine the size and type of wooden moldings that will be made available in the Molding section. In the Matte section, there is a choice of 'no matte' or a selection of archival buffered Museum Board matte colours. The same options are offered in the 'Accent Matte' section. In the 'Photo' section, there is the option of changing the image to be framed. This option works if you have selected more than one image in the Viewing Room. Finally, to view more details on your molding choice and other options, click the white box beside 'Show Framing Details'. This is often a handy feature to have active when choosing the molding style.

Programing of this Site

This is a data-base enabled site that is programmed in Cold Fusion, Java Script and HTML. The challenging bits (data-base system, cold fusion and java script) were programmed by Greg Dixon of Shared Visions Unlimited.